With a global pandemic disrupting the flow of life we have all been used to for more than a year, working from home has become the new norm of life. Some have even predicted that remote work is going to be the future now. According to some reports, worldwide leaders like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter etc. have permitted their employees the freedom to permanently shift to the work from home arrangement. This work from home lifestyle seems to be here to stay and the world is going to have to adjust to it one way or the other. Flexibility, manageable schedules, family time, childcare are noticeable remote working pros that we all have taken benefit of.  

How work from home becomes tiresome and laborious?

While working from the comfort of our homes is considered to be a blessing by some, this routine itself comes with its own burdens and challenges. Once the curtain of excitement surrounding the challenges of remote work is raised, people begin to notice the considerable stress it entails. 

Organizing your life becomes an inconvenient task. It gets difficult keeping your professional life undisturbed from your personal stuff. A plethora of distractions doesn’t let one stay attentive towards work and most of all, demotivation hits you hard. All these factors result in unprecedented anxiety and pressure. 

How Can We Effectively Manage Work From Home?

If any of you is thinking that you are the only one struggling with this work from home situation, then stop at once. So many of us are facing exactly what you are. Given below is the game plan for fighting stress and anxiety resulting from work from home, to help you manage a life with balanced work and home environment:

Make and Maintain a Daily Schedule

A major issue we deal with while working remotely is struggling with our schedules. We operate on indefinite routines, with everyday bringing something new for us to deal with and in all the hassle either work or home gets neglected. Keeping a record of what to do, how to do it and when to do it and following it strictly is going to bring a structure into your life. It will make staying organised easy and help reduce stress you experience when things do not go your way.

Set Definite Boundaries

Setting clear boundaries will be necessary for you in order to keep your life sorted. Do not make yourself available for home at work time and the same goes for the other way around. Let both stay distinct otherwise you may feel like you are in office the whole time working. A good method to do this is by having a proper workspace that will help you stay organized at home. 

Do Not Forget Your Social Life

One of the key reasons for work from home stress is the feeling of isolation and cutting off from the world. Working alone can get boring, staying indoors only working gets even more boring. So, try to make your social circle an active part of your life. Let your friends, family, colleagues or neighbours get you out of your stressful routine in the world of the living. Meet those you can, call the rest but stay connected. This will make you feel like you are alive and not alone. You never know those on the other end might be needing this exact thing to re-energize in their taxing lives as well.

Sit Back and Relax

After a tiring day full of work, house chores, kids and your significant other, make sure to take some time out for you and yourself alone. Taking a break from a fast pace of life is going to prove beneficial for your mental health as well as your overall productivity in things you are letting go for a moment. 

Practice Self Care

Amidst all else, do not forget about your personal wellbeing and your mental and emotional health. Make some time to do things that make you happy, reconnect with your old hobbies, treat yourself every now and then. Spend some time figuring out what you need at the moment and how you can feel relaxed. Sleep properly, take care of your diet and most importantly, do not forget that struggle is a part of being human and the only way over it is through it. 

We cannot let any pandemic or other bad life situations take control of our body and mood. Above is a detailed list of things you can do to take control of your life even in this stressful time. Let’s tell Corona who’s boss!

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