Starting a blog is no easy task. It is for sure exciting but intimidating. Firstly, one needs to be mindful of why they are blogging and what the blog is going to be about. Then there is the pressure of getting and handling traffic on your blog.

Finding the keywords with the best ranking, promoting the content that you created, improving the quality of your content, building links, good formatting to attract a greater number of people, content upgrades etc etc. There is a never-ending list of things that need to be done for making your blog a hero. And all these are not so easy to get through with, but it can for sure be made easy.

If you are thinking how then the answer is by choosing the best platform for the type of content you want to create. And this article is all about introducing you to some of the best blogging sites to start your blogging career.

How to Choose a Blogging Platform?

Before getting straight into the list of best blogging sites, it is important to understand what you expect out of a blog. When starting with this thing, one wants an easy-to-use platform but with time, as your blog grows, you may wish to incorporate changes into it for the new audience and that requires a medium that offers flexibility. Also, if you do not want to use your blog for earning right now, that may not be the case in the future so keep all your options open.

With all this understood, let us dive into the best possible blogging platforms for you to start your blogging career.

Undeniable leader in the world of blogging, the popularity of WordPress is known to all. It currently powers more than 30% of websites worldwide and holds 60% of the CMS (Content Management Systems) market share. It is an open-source platform for blogging that allows bloggers to set up their sites and start blogging in minutes. With you will have strong control over your site. It is a platform for serious bloggers who want to make money out of their blogging. It provides the bloggers the flexibility to enhance the features of their blog and one can create an amazing and beautiful site through this platform easily. The pricing of WordPress software is free but the domain name you will be using costs around $15 annually and web hosting has monthly pricing. is an easier version of WordPress, created by WordPress’ co-founder with the aim of bringing the WordPress services to a larger audience. It is a viable option for the bloggers who do not need the self-hosting service of and want an easy to use and manageable website for their blogs. There are next to none set up requirements with this blogging medium and it is absolutely free if you would be happy with a domain name issued by the platform. But it had the downside of lesser flexibility and lesser control over your blog., founded in 2006, has become a renowned website building platform. With its drag and drop functionality, it allows you to build an impressive website easily without needing to know any coding skills. But your website will show wix promotions with a free account. Also, it is not possible to change the template of your site after initial selection. It also provides a free domain and a custom one can be obtained for around $5 monthly.

It is a blogging service by Google. It makes setting up a blog and blogging easy for the non tech bloggers. It was one of the very first blogging platforms and was bought and redesigned by Google in 2003. For a account, you just need a Google account. It provides the reliability that comes with the brand name of Google. But the functionality of this blogging site is also limited and a few design options are available for the bloggers.

Tumblr is a famous microblogging platform with built-in sharing, blogging and reblogging options. It also comes with a free domain name that can be customised with the premium package. It is extremely easy to set up and provides easy formatting along with an integrated media component but the limited attributes of the site make it exceedingly difficult to enhance your blog with its growth. Importing your Tumblr to other blogging platforms is also hard. Tumblr is completely free but incurs costs for custom domain and additional third-party plugins.

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