COVID-19 has made job finding more difficult than it ever was. With companies all over the world downsizing and laying off employees and no networking and socializing opportunities, unemployment has hit people all over the globe pretty hard. Also, this work from home paradigm shift has permanently changed the way things are done in the recruitment sector, with a huge advantage given to those who show skills proving them better at remote work. 

So given below are important techniques that can make your job hunt easier in these challenging times:

Finding Out the Employers That are actively hiring:

While some sectors of life have been affected significantly in this pandemic causing them to downsize, other industries have been found to be hiring more actively than ever. Healthcare organizations and firms are one of the prime examples of actively hiring recruiters. Platforms for online teaching and learning, companies needing IT and technical skills, agencies involving finance activities etc are others. Moreover, the businesses’ human life cannot sustain without, like gas stations, grocery stores should also be looked into.

Staying active on online job boards and websites can be an important of staying up to date with what kind of employers are in the hiring phases for example Indeed- it claims 10 new jobs are added into the site every 10 seconds, LinkedIn- letting you find jobs through communication with an extending network, Glassdoor – not only recommending jobs but also review of different jobs and comparing salaries and perks etc can greatly increase your chances of securing a job in this COVID 19 situation.

Browsing through job ads and postings helps you determine what employers want, what to expect from their hiring process based on employee feedback, and how to possibly meet those standards. You may need a criminal record check for employment. It’s imperative to know a fast and reliable way to obtain your verified record so that you’ll always be ready for a big job opportunity.

Showing Yourself Remote Friendly in Your Resume and Cover Letter:

Remote is being considered as the way of the future and it is important to let your potential employers know you can live up to the challenges of remote work. Add and highlight your remote work experience in your resumes like the video conferencing tools you are acquainted with for example Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. and online document creating and sharing platforms like Google Docs etc. This will provide your profile and unexpected benefit over the others. 

Get Active in Conducting Informational Interviews:

What are informational interviews? These are part formal conversations with employees already working for the employers you are interested in. These typically last for about 30 minutes and are an exciting networking chance for the job hunters. These interviews can help you get familiar with how things go about in your target organizations and can help you make a professional acquaintance that might benefit you in the future. In this quest for gathering information, make sure you have an impressive list of questions prepared. 

Embrace the Power of Social Media:

A huge number of employees are focusing on social media for reaching out new talent and making a name for themselves. Having an impressive social media identity, on platforms like job sites mentioned above and Facebook etc. will aid you in making professional connections and getting to know the market. Follow the target employers on social media, repost their posts, try to understand their way of work and culture, and show them how interested you are in their company. 

Your Daily Routine Defines your Success:

While you are at home looking for that perfect job, do not waste this precious time getting involved in insignificant distractions. Set up a productive routine, spend some time networking and reaching out to the professionals in the market, set up your daily goals of learning something new, spend some time daily on the job boards, and most importantly, make some time for yourself, for the things you love in order to maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle that motivates you to get going every day. 


Corona Virus has negatively impacted the job market, there is no doubt about it. The economies all over the world have been hit hard and millions of jobs could be lost worldwide. The traditional hiring methods we were all used to have become outdated and it’s time to adapt to the modernised world. The transition to the virtual environment is not easy at all but with the strategies shared above, the situation can be fought, and we can all advance towards effective job hunting in the new recruitment world.

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