For HVAC businesses, every hour of every job is essential. Like other kinds of companies that rely on knowing where their employees are in the field, keeping track of everyone and getting the most out of your labor costs can be a real challenge. Remote worksites with multiple crews of employees present a number of unique challenges when it comes to managing productivity and keeping everyone on track to ensure jobs get done right and on time.

Luckily, there are plenty of modern tools available to help HVAC companies increase productivity amongst their employees. One of those tools is a time card app. A time card app has several features suited just for the type of work HVAC companies do and can significantly help maximize productivity.

Real-Time Employee Time Tracking

HVAC businesses rely on their employees to constantly be on the go. But asking employees to report their time when they have to move from job to job is taxing and inefficient on the workers. Relying on subcontractors to keep time is also unreliable. They can’t account for every minute a worker is on a project, and what might constitute a break ends up being time on the job clock doing things other than the job at hand.

That’s why the continuous-time tracking through a time and attendance app lets employers keep up with all their employees, the hours they work, and the breaks they take, all in real-time. There is no need to hand off the time tracking to a third party or wait for employees to come into the office to guesstimate their work hours.

GPS Tracking and Geofencing

For businesses that need to make sure that workers stay within a defined area or are at the right job site, the GPS technology part of a time card app is a valuable tool. Not only can managers locate employees at a glance, but they can also communicate the location they are supposed to be and even keep them from being on the clock when outside the designated area. This means no more straying off the path to take care of personal business or eating lunch while on the clock.

Geofencing, in particular, prevents time clock abuse and ensures employees stay on the job site or in their designated work zone. This eliminates some of the worries and wondering whether or not an employee is doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Data Reporting For Future Job Costing

One of the most valuable tools that a timekeeper app gives your HVAC business is the ability to report detailed job information. This information can then be used to inform decision-making about job and employee performance. More importantly, though, this data can be used as a tool for costing out future jobs and improving performance.

Through the simple time card, you can easily see how long tasks are taking to complete, which employees perform better where, and what the trouble spots are that might necessitate higher bidding for labor or material costs. 

Improve Worker Incentive With More Accurate Payroll

Payroll is an expense that every business has, but very few know how to manage. Using an online time card system, you can ensure that employees are paid exactly what they are owed in a timely fashion and without the headache of human errors. Not only will employees get paid faster, but the business will also save money on the total number of payroll staff that are needed to be employed.

These savings combined with happier workers because their pay is guaranteed means more money from jobs and more productive workers that don’t mind going the extra mile because their compensation isn’t prone to errors making it frequently incorrect. Fewer mistakes and happier workers will improve job results and cut costs without the need for significant structural changes in crew size or operations.

These improvements, with the help of a time card app, make managing your HVAC business much more straightforward, more productive, and more profitable.

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