Quench your curiosity about the latest Google Updates rolling out right now!

 Introducing the June 2021 update and July 2021 update…

This week (2nd June 2021), Google announced the release of its latest core algorithm update and that another update will follow next month (July 2021).

A Google spokesperson, Danny Sullivan, tweeted:

“Some of our planned improvements for the June 2021 update aren’t quite ready, so we’re moving ahead with the parts that are, then we will follow with the rest with the July 2021 update. Most sites won’t notice either of these updates, as is typical with any core updates.”

Why does Google release core updates?

Core Updates are significant changes to Google’s algorithm processes to improve the quality of results for search queries.

Every day, Google tends to make changes to improve the search results, but the changes are not usually noticeable to all. However, when a core update is released, which generally only happens a few times a year, it can cause sweeping, vital changes to the configuration of the search engine’s results. Rather than targeting specific categories of sites or languages, core updates target search overall.

What if the core update has impacted me?

Fluctuations of website rankings can significantly impact the number of visitors to your site, which can be stressful for marketing teams and website owners. Just the announcement of a core update can cause many people to panic. London-based SEO company, John Cabot, suggests the following:

  • Wait until the update has fully rolled out before reacting – usually two weeks
  • Analyse Google Search console and your site traffic in analytics over the following weeks to further see the impact of this core update.
  • Focus on improving the quality of the content and its authority
  • Evaluate whether or not your content is formatted in a way to help search engines and users
  • Strive to make your website the most holistic and best resource on the web for your subject areas
  • Don’t forget the SEO fundamentals

When were the last core updates?

The last core update was in December 2020.


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