The COVID-19 era has transformed the workforce as we once knew it. Once viewed as a privilege, remote work suddenly became the standard for professionals during the pandemic. Yet, a significant portion of the traditional learning experience includes life and learning on campus. And for students, the shift to “Zoom University” brought forth an even more drastic transition.

While some schools seemingly struggled to implement a flexible learning schedule, others flourished while having already implemented the infrastructure and framework needed to keep their students on track during unforeseen circumstances. One of these was University of Phoenix. The University first began to offer online instruction in 1989, long before most of its counterparts in higher education pursued remote learning as an option for their students. Today, University of Phoenix students continue to pursue certifications and degree programs on their own schedule from anywhere they choose.

Turning efficiency into empowerment

University of Phoenix offers degree programs, certificates and professional development courses that align with over 300 professional occupations. Not only do these online classes allow students to earn their degrees more quickly, but they also empower students to start their degree year-round when they are ready as opposed to only offering entrance once a semester.

Since University of Phoenix prides itself on flexible learning, students can earn an education that fits into their busy lives. For example, University of Phoenix alumna Tammy wrote, “[I] enjoyed the faster paced six-week courses. The person assigned to me throughout my first class was awesome and made sure I was handling everything well.” In addition, when commenting on the staff as a whole, Tammy noted that the University’s “instructors were all understanding, challenging but fair and supported the students for future success.”

Tammy’s experience offers insight for prospective students. Her personal experience shows that students can find flexibility, quality and support in their education journey. The University’s efficient learning structure empowers students to earn an education while balancing commitments from outside the classroom.

Bringing a flexible education into the workforce

Adult learners tend to return to the classroom with a different set of commitments than the traditional student. They rely on skills to succeed when returning to the classroom such as time management and attention to detail, which typically encourage professional growth.

Alumnus Eduardo Diaz earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at University of Phoenix and perceived his enrollment at the University as “the absolute BEST business decision” for his future. Said Diaz, “I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 2001, and 20 years later, I celebrate earning my Master of Business Administration. Honored to be a University of Phoenix alumni.”

Another MBA student, Erica, also walked away from University of Phoenix with pride and gratitude for her enrollment decision. Erica reflected on her time at the University and affirmed that “University of Phoenix is a great school. After being away from learning for 14 years, I decided to come back and complete my MBA this year. Everyone from the Enrollment Specialist to my Academic Advisor to my instructors” ensured her transition back to school was worthwhile. She confirmed that her instructors “were available and approachable to answer any questions” she had. Although “the coursework was challenging,” Erica did not find the program “so demanding that I could not fit it in while working a full-time paid job and a part-time volunteer” role. All in all, Erica was thrilled that she chose to complete her MBA degree program at University of Phoenix. She recommended “ the experience to anyone, regardless of life circumstances.”

About University of Phoenix

Founded in 1976, University of Phoenix opened its doors with an express commitment to breaking down barriers to higher education access. As a result, a significant portion of the University’s program offerings is administered online. Abiding by a flexible learning schedule, students can complete their coursework at any time that is most convenient to them. Students also can enroll at University of Phoenix in person at its main campus in Arizona or locations throughout the U.S.

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