What are the three important ways in which a process automation vendor can assist its consumers in securing their future? These are – protecting their plant’s operational integrity, enhancing their people’s operational insights, and enabling them to adapt to changes affordably and easily.

Schneider Electric’s Foxboro Evo, a distributed control system for industrial automation, has evolved as a result of the collaboration of the world’s leading companies. This DCS system elevates the productivity, efficiency and reliability levels of each operation it controls.

The Foxboro Evo uses technologies based on certain open standards. All of them are designed for providing operational insight, protecting operational integrity and ensuring your process capabilities’ future-proof evolution.

Features of Schneider Electric’s New DCS – Foxboro Evo

Foxboro Evo assists in reducing workloads as well as risk for project engineering’s and system engineering’s team members. It provides flexible features to automate and simplify engineering, including configuration, design and troubleshooting.

  1. Finds and Fixes Issues Fast

The DCS system’s design makes locating and detecting data speedily and simply. In fact, this system works to eliminate manual steps and associated risks wherever possible, streamlining engineering workflow’s each part.

  1. Shrinks System Footprint and Cuts Costs

Foxboro Evo’s Components like virtualization, high-capacity controllers, and universal I/O eliminates footprint and cost by reducing spares, inventory and infrastructure. They even offer future-proof compatibility and compliance with multiple standards.

  1. Evolve to Meet Constant Change

The DCS system, Foxboro Evo adapts easily as project requirements grow or shift and technologies evolve. Besides, it easily accommodates geographical flexibility, accommodates last-minute design changes, helps beat schedules and delivery dates, improving operational agility.

Why Should You Choose Foxboro Evo As Your Distribution Control System?

  1. Enhances Your Operational Integrity For Safe And Reliable Production

Foxboro Evo system protects your businesses’ profitability and reduces the scope of risks to your process. This DCS system has no common failure mode, integrates with the leading safety system, and its cybersecurity approach helps ensure continuous production and minimum downtime.

  1. Provides Operational Insights For Faster and Accurate Performance

Situational awareness, advanced troubleshooting, proactive maintenance tools and decision support makes each member of the team more accurate, agile, faster and able to enhance the plant’s business and operations by driving production efficiencies.

  1. Future-Proof Technology, Enabling Easy and Affordable Evolution

This DCS system offers protection to investments made in intellectual property and technology and is ready for transitioning into tomorrow. It uses a unique current approach and features industry standards, such as, object-based architecture, flexibility, standardized technology, etc.

  1. Integrates Control For Low Ownership Cost

This DCS system is one of the industry’s robust platform used for commanding the whole enterprise. As it is designed to power an enterprise control system, it has an object-based platform having common industry-based service-oriented architecture. Therefore, you get an opportunity of expanding control across your enterprise with just a single system.

DCS: Operational Benefits of Foxboro Evo

Foxboro Evo offers user guidance and situational awareness for plant operators. It is optimized for effective data presentation; also, the system supplies team members with operational insights.  With this, operators can avoid errors and maximise productivity and ease.

  1. Runs At Peak Performance

The Foxboro Evo’s human-machine interface provides historical trends’ visualization, a central data repository, ad hoc analysis, etc. For optimizing plant’s performance, the operators can have a real-time view of  relevant activities for improved decision making

  1. Quickly Resolves Uncommon Situations

The graphics related to situational awareness reduces operator’s fatigue and offer a broader view of the plant’s operations with easy steps and defining colours and analog indication.

In addition, the analysis by configurable alarm management allows users to reprioritize and prioritize alarms on the basis of change in operating conditions – speeding up action, understanding and resolution.

  1. Improves Productivity and Response

The operator’s visualization on the basis of InTouchTM software can take optimization and control to new levels and offer wide visibility to third-party devices, systems and applications. The synchronized role-based responses to events plus managed workflows and audit trails of these DCS systems provide clear guidance. And, the results are – optimum response times, maximum productivity and minimum human errors

Therefore, as we have read through the impressive features and benefits of a DCS system, it is expected to gain even more importance over time, making your plants and production more efficient.

As your plant’s central brain, the DCS system would make automated decisions on the basis of real-time production trends throughout a plant. Therefore, consult an expert and install a DCS system to accelerate your business’s functions and augment production.


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