This is an excellent and proven framework for personal training in methods such as Kanban. Kanban coaching is a scheduling system for manufacturing by the use of an instruction card sent along the production line. This program offers certifications that represent the most used methods in the agile world. It includes not only certificates for IT but also the automotive industry and continuous delivery for sectors.

This certification ensures that you learn the critical components of Kanban. These are the work in progress limits, Kanban cards, and Kanban walls. Training for developers, managers, scrum masters, and business coaches establishes a new way of using Kanban in organizations.

Kanban Coaching Practices

Kanban coach certificate program employs tools and techniques that change initiatives at an enterprise level. It has a two-day class that offers a codified Kanban method approach to introducing and implementing change. This design aims to augment the three-day Kanban maturity model class. The program covers a number of objectives that include, but are not limited to;

  • Identifying tribes and informal social groups.
  • Modeling the identity of individuals and groups
  • Analyzing social capital, cohesion, and innovation of the tribes in the workplace.
  • Identifying typical barriers blocking the achievement of maturity levels.
  • Implementing the service deliver and service request manager roles with Kanban.

Kanban certificate classes intend to extend the coaching skills of those who have already taken the Kanban maturity model class. It also trains those who want to obtain the Kanban Coaching Professional credential, KCP.

Generally, these classes are helpful for anyone who wants to gain the ability to coach a Kanban initiative.

Kanban Coach Syllabus and Certifications

Kanban syllabus strives to answer two questions;

How does it operate?

What advantages does it offer compared to other approaches for managing product development?

It also provides a solid understanding of advanced subjects. Learners are exposed to case studies and existing best practices which enables them to apply Kanban to various scenarios.

The major topics covered in the official coaching material for this certificate are;

Toyota’s Six Rules

Kanban is a Toyota-developed system that literally translates to ‘signboard.’ This system conveys information between processes and automatically orders parts as they are used up. Toyota has six rules for the practical application of Kanban. These are; never pass on defective products, take what is needed, produce the exact quantity required, level the production, fine-tune production, and stabilize the process.

Kanban boards and cards

Kanban cards are elements that visualize every task on the board and serve as informational hubs for functions. Kanban boards are critical tools for workflow representations. After acquiring this certification, you can apply Kanban to any environment.

Benefits of Kanban Coach

Kanban coach certificate program will equip you with the skill to differentiate between traditional and agile methods. It will enable you to understand the three-bin system, Kaizen culture, and the methods of visual control. You will also be able to apply Kanban in various scenarios and gain a solid understanding of multiple subjects.

Kanban certificates also promote your professional excellence and significantly increase your median pay. It also provides a smooth and visual way to improve productivity with minimum overhead.

Unlike Scrum, Kanban delivers methods that do not need any new roles or radical changes. Kanban coach has numerous benefits that come with the completion of the course.


Kanban Coach Exam

The Kanban exam is charged at 149 Euros per trial. These tests are carried out online and last for an hour. In order to pass the exam, at least 70% of the answers should be correct. Each test usually carries sixty questions that are presented in English. Kanban only permits notes and training materials as tools for revision, and it has no requirements. Kanban coach is the non-disruptive revolutionary change for management systems.

Kanban Coach Practices and Syllabus

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