This Batman movie is a superhero movie that is inspired by the character of Batman from DC Comics.

It is a reinvention of the Batman cinematic universe that is produced by DC Films, 6th & Idaho, and Dylan Clark Productions, and distributed by Warner Bros.

Matt Reeves is the director of the movie, and he and Peter Craig both wrote the screenplay for this movie.

The film follows Batman, who has been fighting crime in Gotham City for two years, as he discovers wrongdoing while on the hunt for the Riddler (Dano), who is a serial killer who targets Gotham’s elite.

Batman is an intense, action-packed thriller movie in which Batman is seen in his early years, striving to combine anger with righteousness as he uncovers a dark secret that has plagued Gotham.

Robert Pattinson portrays Batman as a disillusioned, desperate superhero awoken by the revelation that the hatred devouring him makes him no different than the savage serial murderer he’s chasing in raw, emotional performance.


Here’s everything about the Batman film So Far.

  • A full scene from the film has been made accessible online, showcasing a funeral that is unexpectedly hit by a car as part of the Riddler’s ploy.
  • The duration of the movie is two hours and 55 minutes with a credits sequence of eight-minutes
  • The movie Batman has been rated PG-13
  • Warner Bros. has released new photographs of Paul Dano’s Riddler and Colin Farrell’s Penguin, as well as behind-the-scenes footage.


The Date of Release for The Movie

The Batman was supposed to be released in theatres on June 25, 2021, however, because of the coronavirus outbreak, the release date of this movie was pushed back to October 1, 2021.

But, after one crew member was infected with COVID-19 in September 2020, the picture had to pause production, and the movie’s theatrical release date was postponed. The film is now released on March 4, 2022.


Cast Of the Movie

Matt Reeves directed the film.

Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, Barry Keoghan, Alex Ferns, Jayme Lawson, Rupert Penry-Jones, Con O’Neill, Vic Waghorn, Dave Simon, Luke Roberts, Stella Stocker, Oscar Novak, and Archie Barnes star in the film.

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Synopsis of the film

When a vicious criminal leaves a track of cryptic messages, Batman travels into Gotham City’s underground.

When the evidence points closer to home and the scope of the perpetrator’s plans becomes evident, he must attempt to establish new relationships, expose the prime suspect, and ensure justice to the city’s long-standing abuse of power and corrupt practices.

The Batman hits all the right notes when it comes to focusing on Batman and his rogue gallery running amok.

But, Selena Kyle, particularly her cringe-worthy exchanges with Bruce, drags the film down a level.

Add in the fact that Batman’s battle scenes aren’t as harsh as some of The Riddler’s deeds, and it’s difficult not to be a little upset that the frequently rebooted character still has flaws that writers and filmmakers seem unable to iron out.


The Batman

The film already has a known Batman and his villainous gallery, all of whom have known reputations.

The “primary” villain of the film is The Riddler, who is a throwback to his early days in comic books as the Jigsaw Killer. It was wonderful to witness Riddler’s darker and more ruthless side instead of his “irritating and arrogant smartass” persona.

What about the Batman? Batman is played by Robert Pattinson. Well, he is the strongest actor to play Batman. As he kicked the opponents’ asses, he was filled with hatred and anger. This was how Batman was initially shown in comic books, with no concerns about punishing criminals.

We have to agree that this was the most dangerous and menacing Batman in the film. Watching Batman stride through a corridor of gunfire without even flinching will make you realize how deadly this Batman is. You’ll also like his portrayal of Bruce Wayne as a shattered, emotionally scarred wreck.

The remaining of the cast was also fantastic as everyone delivered a magnificent performance.

The film’s tempo was excellent! It never overstays its welcome or drags on, and it always comes to a satisfactory finish.

The film is also one of the most aesthetically spectacular that you will ever watch. You’ll enjoy the movie because of the Bat-suit, gadgets, and mobile style.


Final Words

Batman is a classic in terms of how the performance, screenplay, production, music, and other elements all work together to create a dramatic, suspenseful, action-packed, and character-driven tale.

Pattinson gives one of his best performances as Batman, digging into what makes him crazy, while Kravitz, Wright, Dano, and Serkis round out the supportive cast.

It is not just one of the finest Batman films ever made, but also one of the best in the entire superhero genre, and it is sure to please both Batman enthusiasts and the general public.


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