It all started on October 1 and will end on March 31, but there is still much for tourists to see and do before then. All the attention has switched to the Expo’s larger-than-life structures and what will become of them after the event.

After passing the 20-million mark earlier this week, Expo 2020 Dubai visitor statistics have now risen to 20,819,155.

From the crown jewel, the Al Wasl dome, to the water feature Surreal, the excellent performance lineup, and the interesting pavilions of the 192 participating countries, there is something for everyone.

In this event, people have gathered from everywhere around the world together in one area

Water Week, the tenth and final theme week of Expo 2020 Dubai’s Program for People and Planet, is presently underway.

Representatives from Expo 2020 Dubai are looking forward to meeting tourists for additional unique events, such as the stunning closing ceremony on March 31st, which will include top entertainment and honor teachers and schoolchildren.

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Things to do before Expo 2020 ends

It’s the final week of Expo 2020, and here’s what you shouldn’t miss.

·       Blippi’s Dance Party

Whether you have children, you are most likely familiar with the character Blippi. During the last week of Expo 2020, Blippi will be performing on several stages across campus with a pretty entertaining and extremely hilarious kid’s dance party.

blippis dance party at expo

·       Ne-Yo on the Jubilee Stage.

The ending of Expo 2020 Dubai is coming, however, that doesn’t indicate that the world’s largest display has stopped stunning us.

Grammy Award winner and R&B icon Ne-Yo will perform on the Jubilee Stage at Expo on Sunday, March 27.

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·       Film Festival at Expo 2020

Expo 2020 is packed full of surprises, including this magical place for cinema enthusiasts. A sequence of short films and documentaries will be shown in the Baden-Wurttemberg pavilion as part of a small film festival.

·       Airshow at Expo 2020

See what promises to be a one-of-a-kind heart-wrenching buzz on the closing day of Expo 2020. Fursan Al Emarat of the United Arab Emirates Air Force will take part in an amazing air show to close off a fantastic Expo 2020.

·       Yoga in front of the Surreal Water Feature

Begin your week on the right foot by devoting some time to yourself. Unwind, rest, and recover before we begin another hectic week.

This hour-long guided yoga session for women only is offered in one of Expo 2020s most impressive attractions, Surreal, and is the ideal way to start your day and the week.

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Five Country Pavilions to See Before It’s Over

1.     Singapore Pavilion

The Singapore Pavilion is undoubtedly a talking point. The structure, built by Singapore-based architecture company Woha, is wrapped in a net-zero energy rainforest supported by a self-sustaining ecosystem both inside and out.

FOH Night

2.     Switzerland Pavilion

The Swiss Pavilion is worth seeing both inside and out. The red-carpet entry reflects on the mirrored shell of the building, which was built by the Swiss architecture firm OOS.

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3.     Egypt Pavilion

The unique history of Ancient Egypt lies at the heart of the country’s Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion.

الجناج المصري بإكسبو دبي 2020

4.     Spain Pavilion

The colorful Spanish pavilion, designed by Amann-Canovas-Maruri architects, seems from the outside to be a collection of tents. The remarkable building represents the cultural ties that exist between Spain and the Arab world.


5.     Saudi Arabia Pavilion

From the exterior, the Saudi Arabia Pavilion is a sight to see. As you wait in line, you’ll notice a lot of people staring up and shooting pictures in the mirrored base of the angular skyscraper, which is lighted up at night with Arabic calligraphy.

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At Expo 2020 Dubai, you can also experience a variety of cuisines.

What kind of festival would be complete without food? For a change, make your way to Expo 2020 Dubai with some restaurant traveling.

Grab your hands on flavors from around the world. You can go from Africa to Japan. Also, how can we avoid comfort foods like burgers and pizza? You might discover about Africa at Alkebulan.

The African Food Hall includes restaurants such as Afro Street Eatery and The Tasty Goat. Sushiro, a Japanese restaurant, serves over 100 different dishes.

They are all halal-certified, which is a first for the brand. Adrift, David “Gypsy Chef” Myers’ famed branch, is a must-try for American fast-food fans.

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Final Words

Dubai’s world-famous Expo is finally coming to an end. The world’s biggest exhibition of its kind is closing down on March 31 after six months of events. The Expo has been a major success, with over 21 million visitors in total. The Expo is a place where visitors can experience the world’s future.





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