Websites have become a staple in business marketing necessities for sharing information about an organization to the public. However, not enough companies take advantage of the ROI websites can provide to boost business and generate forward growth. Everest Business Funding supports organizations during times of expansion and emphasizes the importance of having a well-built website that maintains and adds to stages of business growth. A website can attract leads and turn leads into sales with the proper structure. Everest Business Funding shares more about what key metrics can assist in elevating a website’s role for a business.

How Can a Website Help Business Growth?

When it comes to structuring a website to fuel business growth, tracking online activity and collecting digital data are the first steps to turning a visitor into a customer. Most modern buyers look to the internet to make purchases, which is where a website can drastically increase sales. On average, an online shopper will create roughly twelve online searches before following through with a purchase. That one fact is a significant reason why websites should be made with the consumer experience in mind, being as attractive as it is engaging for visitors.


The first key metric a business should keep an eye on to gauge the effectiveness of a website is the number of people who view a website page. This data is measurable in increments of time and per visitor. Overall website visits account for a total number of visits made, but unique visitors focus more on the individual who viewed the website. The difference in these measurements serves an equal and essential role.

Suppose an individual visits a website multiple times without making a purchase. In that case, a marketing team knows to analyze the online sales process, consumer experience, or even website content and ease of use. The website is engaging enough for potential consumer return but is still missing pieces to generate sales turnovers. By tracking the number of unique visitors, a website receives aid in gauging audience reach and aligning marketing efforts with sales goals. Tracking visitors can be analyzed further through time a viewer spends on a page to time spent navigating the website as a whole, collecting valuable data to tweak a business’ website where needed.

Bounce Rate

How many people visit a website just to “bounce” somewhere else? Bounce rate can help a marketing team see the percentage of visitors who load a website page but leave before interacting with it. Tracking bounce rate is an excellent way to catch website malfunctions that prevent a visitor the chance to interact with the page.

Conversion Rate

Another key metric to steadily track is the conversion rate when measuring website traffic or the number of visitors. The traffic-to-lead ratio is one type of conversion rate that marketing teams and small businesses can easily track alongside website visitors.

A traffic-to-lead ratio is the measurement of traffic a business website converts to leads. This type of data collection opens the door to understanding the target audience, content creation, and optimization needs.

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