Since the launch of TikTok in 2016, the short form of video has gained popularity. There are a number of active users on this platform. It is considered one of the strongest strategies for promoting your business or brand to its potential customers. 

Small companies and creators can now film, edit, and share videos directly from their mobile devices because of platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels.

As a marketer, you always use platforms like these to spread awareness about your brand. Instagram and TikTok are the two major social media platforms that we use to grow our brand. 

But, remember these platforms are very different and it’s also important to know that which platform is the right one for you that can help you or your brand achieve its goals. 

TikTok vs. Instagram

TikTok is very much popular among “Gen Z”. Also, brands today focus more on TikTok as they want to connect more with the younger generation. It is also o11 Ways to Convert Your TikTok Audience into Instagram Followers 01ne of the trendiest social media platforms. By using these platforms brands can show their fun side to their audiences. Also, there is every type of audience on TikTok.


Whereas, when it comes to Instagram the study shows that there are more females than males. But if you want to reach a more diverse audience in terms of location, gender, or age then Instagram influencers are best. 

Advantages of TikTok Marketing

The overwhelming number of individuals using this platform is the reason for the company to use this platform for promotion. TikTok is a great application for promoting your business in general. You can also target all the niches to increase your brand or business exposure. Influencer marketing on TikTok is a less expensive and more successful strategy. 

By working with different influencers on TikTok your brand becomes more familiar to your targetted audience. It’ll also help your company or brand to build trust among individuals which can be beneficial to you. 

Advantages of Instagram

Instagram is also, one of the most popular business social media networks. Because of the large number of users, marketing your items on Instagram can help you raise brand recognition. This tool also facilitates your business in growing website traffic and SEO rankings.

Moreover, it provides you with better audience insight. And Instagram also has a larger audience than TikTok and if you want to market your product with the help of an influencer marketing strategy then this is the platform that you should consider. 

Final Words-Instagram vs TikTok

Lastly, both social media platforms are powerful marketing tools. But to help you more about which platform is the best below we have mentioned some of the most important points.

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  • If you’re a company looking to reach out to a younger demographic, TikTok might be the platform for you.
  • Instagram is the ideal platform for you if you want to reach a wider audience and have more data to track or optimize.
  • TikTok can be the right match for you if you’re seeking something exciting and trendy.
  • Instagram makes mass uploads simple by allowing users to schedule them through Facebook. TikTok users, on the other hand, must go into the app and publish their video at the moment they want it to go live.
  • Video content is time-consuming, so if you want to save time, Instagram could be the way to go.
  • If you solely want to publish videos, TikTok is a good option.

We hope that now you’ve understood which platform is the better choice for you. 


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