Social media coordinators help brands complement the efforts of their entire marketing and sales departments. Their core duties include designing, executing, and analyzing social media strategies. You need to be organized because you’ll handle multiple tasks at the same time.

The future of the social media coordinator career looks promising because you’ll have the opportunity to evolve in the digital marketing field. This is the best time to prioritize personal branding as recruiters rely on social media when hiring candidates.

Here are some roles of a social media coordinator.

·      Manage social media presence

Social media coordinators curate a brand’s presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They also use a friendly tone and maintain the brand’s voice while managing the community and interacting with existing and prospective customers.

These professionals are well versed in tactics for spurring engagement and adopting social media marketing best practices. Their research skills have been fine-tuned over the years, which makes it easy for them to dig for information about their target audience, market, and competitors.

Social media coordinators are responsible for developing style guides to maintain a consistent brand image.

·      Create content

It’s always ideal to design a content strategy that matches the goals and objectives of a brand before creating content. Taking this approach helps to save time, create relevant content, and achieve content marketing goals faster.

Your role as a social media coordinator will likely include creating visuals with different tools. You need more than basic knowledge in digital marketing to succeed in the field.

That said, develop a keen interest in content marketing to generate quality leads for the brand you’re representing. Understand how SEO works too, so that you can create optimized content.

·      Monitor campaign

Your work as a social media coordinator won’t end the moment you share content on various social media platforms. It’s your responsibility to define the KPIs for each campaign and ensure that the strategy is working. You’ll also need to track performance and tweak the strategy.

Social media coordinators have experience in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. They won’t hesitate to share clear and detailed reports with their superiors or supervisors at the end of each campaign.

These experts are always on top of the emerging trends and latest technology in the social media marketing landscape. This is why you must be flexible and have a passion for learning new concepts.

·      Collaborate with others

Social media coordinators are part of the marketing team, so they rarely work alone except when they are working for a small brand. They help establish a good rapport with their brand’s prospective partners and secure great opportunities.

They tend to get along with other creatives and departments because of their great interpersonal skills.

·      Hire and equip other team members

Experienced social media coordinators can easily spot talents, even if they have limited experience. It’s not surprising that business owners often trust their judgment when expanding the social media department.

Ensure that you get hands-on experience by investing in your profile or interning if you’re yet to earn a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and other relevant fields. Getting certification from reputable institutions can also help you to land your next opportunity on social media job boards.

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