Many people strap on wearables like smartwatches for fashion or fitness reasons, but this tech could improve productivity in the workplace too.

In this article, certified trainer and self-professed wellness nut Eugene Pallisco explains how wearables can improve health, time management, and efficiency on the job.

How Wearables Improve Health

In some industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and the military, wearables are used to help monitor the health and safety of the wearer. For example, if an industrial equipment operator experiences fatigue, the device can detect sudden slumps and alert the wearer to the potential hazard.

Instituting Wellness Programs

The use of wearable health technology can enhance company wellness programs. Wearables can track employees’ progress during their daily activities while keeping them engaged and motivated.

Depending on the technology you use in your workplace, your employer may not be able to view individual metrics. However, they can use aggregate analytics to gain insights into correlations between performance, wellness, and job satisfaction.

For example, a Fitbit study demonstrated that healthcare costs for more engaged participants were much lower than those for less engaged participants.

Improving Time Management

Some distribution centers use wearables to help employees track the goods they gather as they move up and down aisles and shelves. This is an improvement on the old-school ways of doing things, where employees had to track goods on a clipboard.

Using this advanced technology, a wearable band can verify correct order fulfillment while quantifying the employee’s precise movements during their shift. Additionally, wearables can assign tasks to the employee and forecast their completion time to help keep everything on schedule.

Improving Efficiency

Wearable technology can keep your employees or colleagues connected by facilitating easier and more convenient communication throughout the day.

Using Wearables for Improved Communication

Wearables perform a variety of functions that can improve communication within your company or team, including:

  • Sending messages
  • Tracking data
  • Checking off tasks
  • Receiving reminders

All these functions can be performed wherever you happen to be instead of forcing you to walk back and forth between your job and a stationary computer.

For example, consider technicians who visit repair sites. Wearables allow them to enter data directly from the site they’re working at rather than walking back and forth from the site to their truck. This convenience improves not just efficiency but also time management.

Keeping Your Team Engaged and Productive with Wearables

Eugene Pallisco is a major advocate of wearables in the office because of the evidence that they improve employees’ overall health, wellness, and productivity.

One way Pallisco recommends employers use wearables to keep their employees engaged in consistent wellness routines is to implement challenges and rewards. For example, employees who consistently hit 10,000 steps a day might win a gift card or a work-from-home day.

The possibilities for using wearable technology to improve your office space are endless. With a little creativity, you can use this technology to enhance your team’s health and well-being and boost their efficiency.

Who Is Eugene Pallisco?

Eugene Pallisco is a fitness instructor and certified trainer in Dallas, Texas. After getting his start as a group fitness instructor, he expanded his experience by working as a personal trainer before launching his private training business.

Pallisco believes everyone can transform their body into a strong, healthy physique with time, hard work, and the right mindset.

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