What is at risk if you don’t use brand protection against hackers? You may be asking, are the risks really that large that I should be hiring a brand protection service and take precautionary measures for my brand? The answer is yes, you should. Here are just a few of the risks you take when you don’t decide to protect your brand:

Hurt Reputation

One of the most damaging risks you run is the effect that a damaged brand can have on your reputation. You work so hard to build and establish a good reputation with the public, yet, it’s so easy and simple for threat actors to tarnish and undo all of that with just a single attack.

Lost Sales

A good brand brings in customers and money. Customers who may have had the intent to purchase a product from your brand might be swayed toward a fraud product or site with your brand name. Even if that site is taken down, those buyers leave feeling betrayed and may hold ill feelings toward your brand.

Wasted Resources

You not only lose sales but also waste time and money dealing with a cyber criminal attack if your brand is compromised. Without proactive brand protection, you can spend thousand or even millions of dollars trying to remedy your efforts.

Customer Exploitation

One of the easiest ways to exploit a brand is to go directly after its customers. Scammers will impersonate brands to commit fraud, identity theft, and other crimes. It is vital that you ensure your brand has an internal policy and adherence among marketing, customer success, and support teams.

Lost Trust

With the loss of your good reputation, brand abuse can lead to the loss of trust from customers and partners as well. It also becomes harder to establish new customers and partners.

Endangered Employee and Customer Safety

Brand abuse can even evolve to the point of physical threats. Customers and employees alike may become disgruntled, angry, and upset, and disruption can occur. In some cases, protests can accrue and turn violent which can lead to physical threats against executives and employees.

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