We all know how graphic card prices are up. Maybe you’re a PC gamer, and your computer isn’t running as well, with all of those things to consider. If that’s the case, then this article will help! Any given system in your house (or office) that works at its best possible capacity needs more than just good hardware. It also requires careful planning from start to finish, so everyone knows what they are doing when setting up their unique space tailored to gaming requirements. If you’re into development, you can use containerization with docker, as mentioned in this container registry guide for running graphics-intensive applications.

Make Sure Your Computer Has Enough Memory (RAM) To Run The Games You Want To Play

Let’s start by ensuring we have enough memory (RAM) for our chosen games. This can quickly be done by checking the game’s system requirements before purchasing or downloading it. Most often, the minimum and recommended amounts of RAM will be listed. It’s important to note that more RAM doesn’t necessarily mean better performance but rather enough RAM to support all of the processes running on your computer at once without slowing it down.

With Windows 11 introducing DirectX 12 Ultimate, there’s also the option to use graphics cards with dedicated video memory (VRAM) as RAM for gaming. This can free up system memory and potentially improve performance, but it’s essential to ensure your graphics card has enough VRAM for this task.

Get A Good Graphics Card That Can Handle The Games You Want To Play

Next up, let’s talk about graphics cards. A graphics card is responsible for the images and graphics displayed on a computer screen, so it’s important to have one that can handle the games you want to play. As with RAM, checking a game’s system requirements before purchasing or downloading it will give you an idea of what kind of graphics card is needed.

When shopping for a graphics card, keep in mind things like the amount of VRAM and memory bandwidth available. It may also be worth considering newer technologies like real-time ray tracing, which can greatly improve graphical fidelity in supported games.

Have you been trying to get your hands on an NVidia GeForce RTX 3080 or 3090 card lately? You’re not alone, as shortages have been reported due to high demand. In this case, alternatives like AMD’s Radeon RX 6800 or 6900 series cards may be worth considering.

Alternatively, laptop cards like NVidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 or AMD’s Radeon RX 5500M are worth considering if you see yourself as a gamer on the go. Just be sure to check the laptop’s specifications before purchasing it to ensure it can handle the games you want to play.

Make Sure Your Computer Is Set Up For Optimal Airflow – This Will Help Keep Your Computer From Overheating

Ensuring proper airflow in your computer’s case can go a long way in preventing overheating and potential damage to components. This can include leaving enough space between pieces for air to flow through, using case fans to actively push air out of the case, and cleaning any dust buildup regularly.

It’s also important to consider the placement of your computer. Keeping it away from heat sources and in a well-ventilated area can help keep temperatures under control.

Connect An External SSD Drive So You Can Store Your Games And Other Files On It

Running out of storage space on your computer’s primary hard drive can be frustrating, especially with large game files nowadays. Connecting an external SSD can provide additional storage for your games and things like videos, music, and other documents. This can help keep your main drive from cluttering and potentially slow down performance.

When shopping for a hard drive, remember things like capacity (typically measured in terabytes) and speed (measured in megabytes per second). It’s also worth considering whether you want a traditional hard drive or a solid-state drive, as SSDs often have faster speeds but are more expensive.

You always want an SSD over an HDD because it has no moving parts, so it’s faster and more reliable.

Install Gaming-Specific Software Like Steam Or Origin To Make It Easy To Find And Buy New Games

A central hub to access and purchase new games can be very convenient. Popular options for this include Steam, Origin, and the Epic Games Store. These platforms often have sales and deals on new and popular titles and ways to organize and keep track of your game library.

It’s worth noting that some games may require their own separate launchers even if purchased through one of these platforms, like Overwatch or Fortnite. It’s also possible for certain titles to only be available through specific platforms, so it may be worth having multiple options installed if there are certain games you want to play.

Connect A Gaming Controller So You Can Play Your Games In Comfort

While some people may prefer using a keyboard and mouse for gaming, others may find it more comfortable to use a gaming controller. This is especially true for specific genres like fighting or sports games. When shopping for a controller, consider things like the layout and design and additional features like programmable buttons or vibration feedback.

Some controllers may also be compatible with both PC and console platforms, allowing for more versatility. Alternatively, if you already have a console that you primarily use for gaming, it’s worth checking if its controller can also connect to your PC.

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